Notes Domino 8.5.3 FP1 disponible

Patrice VIALOR  24 Mars 2012 12:21:18
IBM vient de rendre disponible le FP1 pour Notes/Domino 8.5.3. Ce fix corrige 46 incidents. Seuls les 20 incidents les plus génants sont présentés ci-après.

La liste exhaustive des incidents est consultable ici et le fix pack est téléchargeable lui sur Fix central.

  • +SPR# PANN8LNT3Y (LO63852) - Fix resolves a Calendar refresh issue. Calendar documents failed to display without hitting Refresh. (technote #1516069)
  • +SPR# EFUU8P4V6P (LO65780) - Fix resolves "Invalid Or Nonexistent Document" error for a form with a "Microsoft Web Browser" control in Notes 8.5.3.
  • SPR# ACHG8H6DAR (LO61086) - Fixed an issue related to recent contacts that would intermittently generate: internal error occurred during: "Dip File Auto Savejob". (technote #1516106)
  • +SPR# RAGG8943EJ (LO64796) - Fixed crash that occurred when forwarding email that contains broken images. (technote #1571405)
  • +SPR# RHAN8N9JHZ (LO65242) - Fixes "Error Accessing Product Object Method" message on Mailfile Open. (technote #1571238)
  • +SPR# SLAE8KCM5M (LO63038) - Fixed the issue where names in typeahead were not sorted properly if they included an internet address.
  • +SPR# KSIH8KYTBZ (LO63201) - Fixed a crash which was occurring in a Lotuscript agent, when processing a mail note.
  • SPR# JEIN8MDRX3 (LO64767) - Fixed an issue where typeahead values were not appearing when typing due to the mailaddress field value returning as null. This code checks for this condition.
  • SPR# JSTN8HUPWK LO6163) - Fixed issue where Spell Check was still flagging words after they had been added to user dictionary. (technote #1502861)
  • SPR# AGUD89GKQD (LO58210) - Fixed issue where "Access to data denied" error message received when opening read-only eml file.

  • SPR# XYGU7F5BRW (LO30265) - Fixes issue where Chinese characters are encoded as Japanese (beginning with x10, not x13).
  • +SPR# CBMO8MSSX6 (LO64844) - Fix resolves a database fixup crash during asynchronous fixups. (technote #1572796)
  • SPR# DANG7UCHMJ (LO46343) - Fix resolves use of REPL_SYNC_ALL_UNREAD notes.ini parameter as designed to sync unread counts across replicas.
  • SPR# BBSZ8MRKYS (LO64753) - Fix resolves replication issue around Profile documents not replicating.
  • +SPR# GTON8GHD4N (LO60576) - Fix resolves a defect where profile documents are not replicating when the best merge flag on the properties of the form is set in the design.
  • SPR# KMUR8MKGX5 (LO64594) - Fixes Panic with Btenter: Called With Bdata Buffer Not Null (technote #1579630)
  • +SPR# RSWG8QNBBR (LO66736) - Fixes issue where a message will get stuck on SMTP outbound server. The router then task consumes 100% CPU and the router task nearly hung. (technote #1579097)
  • +SPR# MBAS8N8S4S (LO65201) - Fixes panic with: Osbblockaddr: Bad Bblock Handle (0) (technote #1585807)
  • SPR# MCMA78RL9M (LO25212) - Resolved Domino Admin Client crash which loses server monitoring status each time the Admin Client crashed.
  • SPR# OFFI8HSP4R (LO61564) - Fixed a crash related on a Domino BlackBerry server: NBES crash due to invalid transaction below ClientDbModifiedTimeByName.

iNotes Web Access
  • +SPR# MJON8MRQGX (LO64796) - Fix resolves an issue in iNotes where Vertical Scroll Bar does not work in iNotes 853 when using IE8 in Compatibility Mode. (technote #1578806)
  • +SPR# MJON8MSK2V (LO64818) - Fix resolves an issue in 8.5.3 iNotes where logout button does not work in Full Mode when Sametime is enabled in the preferences.(technote #1568710)
  • +SPR# CTSI8MLMDR (LO64694) - Fixed an issue where the notes.ini setting, iNotes_WA_DefaultUI, was causing requests to be issued repeatedly. (technote #1570756)
  • SPR# MVEO8JXQLN (LO62477) - Resolved HTTP crashes on Domino clustered servers caused by iNotes client.
  • SPR# FYOU7ABEYU (LO26263) - Fixed issue where setting MAILTO protocol to Domino Web Access was not being honored.