IBM Notes Traveler Interim Fix 5

    Arnaud BOUTIN  3 Avril 2014 09:42:00
    Release Date Component Build Levels Release Documentation
    March 24, 2014 Server
    Android Client
    20140312_2023 IF5 Documentation

    APAR # Component Abstract
    LO78732external link Android Calendar entries may be missing in Agenda view after upgrading the client.
    LO78762external link Android Traveler client on Android may have connection issues if connected to a server.
    LO78786external link Server Line returns may be lost in Out Of Office message body.
    LO78825external link Server Corporate lookup may not work from Android device if message headers altered by Network.
    LO78876external link Server Plain text mail with pre tag may format too small on mobile device.
    LO78924external link Server Send mail to all invitees from iNotes shows on Mobile device as a Prevent Copy mail.
    LO78929external link Android Contact search does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
    LO78948external link Server Duplicate mail sends may occur due to device resending with different identifier.
    LO78965external link Server Some attachments may not download to mobile device correctly.
    LO78997external link Server Personal contact group may interfere with personal contact sync.
    LO79011external link Server Workaround to prevent BB devices from re-syncing all data when syncing To Dos and Mail.
    LO79012external link Server Delivery failure on send mail from device if domain is found to be empty string.
    LO79015external link Server Unable to send encrypted mail from device if the recipient does not have internet address defined.
    LO79041external link Android Notes Traveler To Do widget only displays one item on Android 4.4 OS.
    LO79068external link Server Device may see slight battery drain in HA environment due to bouncing syncs across servers.
    LO79104external link Server Mime format mail sent from device will be converted to Rich Text format.
    LO79234external link Server Passcode History setting is applied differently on Apple devices than other mobile devices.
    LO79492external link Server Re-accept meeting on iOS may remove the event from the device, server not effected.
    LO79498external link Server Mail send from device may be sent twice if experience time out or connection drop during send.
    LO79499external link Server Traveler server slow to start if IPv6 addresses specified on host.
    LO79503external link Server Traveler shut down hang due to orphaned thread, may result in Domino server crash.
    LO79504external link Server Support sync of embedded icons with WP and BB devices.

    Disponibilité des languages Pack pour IBM Domino 9.0.1

    Christian SAUVAGET  3 Décembre 2013 11:40:37
    Les Languages Pack pour IBM DOMINO 9.0.1 sont disponibles.

    Image:Disponibilités des languages Pack pour IBM Domino 9.0.1

    Notes client 8.5 crashes while accepting SSL cross certificate

    Patrice VIALOR  19 Juillet 2013 11:40:32
    This is a quite an old technote, but it can help you preventing Notes client crash. This crash may occurs when accepting some SSL Cross certificate. The best way to avoid this is to add some lines in the notes.ini file :


    It works well for my customer.  More information in the technote.

    IBM Connections 4.5 Cumulative Release 1 available soon

    Patrice VIALOR  20 Juin 2013 15:03:29
    A new section of the IBM Connections Wiki has been added named : "4.5 CR1 Installation/Administration" .

    This new CR should be available soon. I just copied some information about what's new in this release document ?

    What's new for users

    For information about new features and functions in this release of IBM Connections, see What's new for users in Version 4.5?external link.

    What's new for administrators

    Installation and Configuration
    • The installation of IBM Connections Content Manager for the Libraries application on AIX®, Linux™, and Windows™.
    • Updates to configuring IBM Connections Content Manager for Libraries
    • Migration tools for Lotus Quickr for Portal and Lotus Quickr for Domino places.
    • Updated system requirementsexternal link (new support)
    • OAuth2 support for Connections Content Manager (same cell)
    • Configuring Interoperability mode is no longer mandatory when setting up federated repositories and enabling single sign-on for Domino.
    IBM Connections:
    • You can lock the default frequency with which email digests from IBM Connections applications are sent to your users by configuring the frequencyLocked property in the notification-config.xml file. For more information, see Setting the default frequency of email digests.
    • The EventLogPurgeJob task deletes old entries from the Activities events log. This task helps maintain performance and keeps the log from becoming too large. By default, it runs daily at 2 AM. You can specify the time that the log is purged and set the properties that define which entries can be deleted.
    Communities: Wikis: Files:
    • You can now use a Files administrative command to obtain the ID of a community library using its community uuid value. The format of the command is:

      FilesLibraryService.getByExternalContainerId(string community_id)

    • You can now exclude nicknames when adding or updating user profiles by specifying a new name.expansion property in the tdi-profiles-config.xml file.
    • You can use the new mapToNameTable property in the profiles-types.xml file to specify an additional givenname or surname value for use with Profiles directory search.
    • You can integrate the Profiles business card with your web application by mapping an LDAP distinguished name, using the DN parameter; in addition to the previously available user ID and email mapping options.
    • The hashEmail extended attribute can be added to the file or profileExtension table in the tdi-profiles-config.xml file to support Profiles users in conjunction with the Microsoft™ Outlook Social Connector. For related information, see Using the IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windowsexternal link.
    • Use the NewsActivityStreamService.updateApplicationRegistrationForEmailDigest command to update a registered third-party application to enable it for email digest functionality. For more information about this command, see Registering third-party applications.
    • Use the NewsEmailDigestService.refreshDefaultEmailPrefsFromConfig() command to refresh updates to the default email preferences specified in the notification-config.xml file without the need for a server restart.
    • Use the new, optional parameter for the SearchService.startBackgroundIndex command to run social analytics indexing jobs at the end of the background indexing operation.
    • You can configure post-filtering for the ECM service by enabling or disabling a property in the Search configuration file. Post-filtering is enabled by default.
    • Use the SearchService.startBackgroundSandIndex command to create a background index for the social analytics service. Use this command to run background indexing for social analytics without having to run a full index crawl.
    • By adding search to the list of modes in the Linked Library widget definition, you can enable search for content in linked libraries using FileNet P8 5.2. For more information, see Enabling search for linked libraries.

    Interim Fix 2 for IBM Notes 9.0 available

    Patrice VIALOR  14 Juin 2013 10:40:02
    see my blog post on this site

    Supported Browsers in Lotus iNotes by Domino Release

    Christian SAUVAGET  7 Juin 2013 12:20:41
    Voici une liste des navigateurs supportés pour iNotes. A noter que le Fixpack 4 pour 8.5.3 apporte le support de IE 10

    Image:Supported Browsers in Lotus iNotes by Domino Release

    Domino/Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4

    Guillaume GESNEL  16 Avril 2013 18:57:57
    IBM vient de publier les Fix Pack 4 de la version 8.5.3 du serveur Domino et du client Notes.

    Ils sont  téléchargeables via ce lien : Download options for Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack

    Vous trouverez la liste complète des correctifs par thèmes ici

    Voici le top 20 des correctifs les plus important :
    • SPR# GMAA8TQEVG - Fixes issue where view column sorting isn't maintained in the inbox view. This is a regression in 8.5.2
    • SPR# BBSZ82DCP8 - Fixes issue where when a user is renamed to a different Hierarchical Certifier, they get prompted the first time they launch the Notes client, to accept Cross Certificates for Organizations that they are not a member of.
    • SPR# RCEA8JGM72 - Fixes issue on Red Hat 6 where the Admin Client does not show disk space
    • +SPR# JSHN8ZZ2AB - Fixes Client focus issue when using an outline entry pointing at a view. This is a regression in 8.5.3 FP2.
    • SPR# JKAE8M3DVD - Fixes intermittent Notes Client crash in AsyncReceivePoll -> PostReceive -> OSVBlockAddr -> Panic

    • SPR# ADC8QXA8M - Fixes Server crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function DbClose2
    • SPR# BFUY8XNL8M - Fixes Server crash when closing documents associated with a database that is being closed in the imap process
    • SPR# MJBG8MV72E - Fixes Domino Server router hang while doing a message recall
    • +SPR# RFRF92V973 - Fixes issue where some Chinese characters get lost in a message sent by iNotes user
    • SPR# RNOG8VDLTW - Fixes issue where if a user is renamed to an OU an error is received if there is a policy assigning that OU to the ID Vault
    • SPR# MKHS8L3TR3 - Fixes issue where users are prompted serveral times to create local cross-certificate after being moved to a new org using Adminp
    • SPR# JWAE7L5SU2 - Fixes Server SMTP crash in NSFItemAppend
    • SPR# TSAO8XFGBQ - Fixes Server crash with unexpected internal error returned to logger: 0x200F2010
    • +SPR# JPMS8WVLW9 - Fixes performance issue where Clients are unable to connect to Server due to issue in UNK processing. This is a regression from 8.5.2.
    • SPR# XCXC7MEDPQ - Fixes server crash during conversion of a document to html by the http process
    • +SPR# THIO8T2FJ6 - Fxes issue where after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3, the subject of a mail is lost if that subject contains Japanese characters. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
    • SPR# ANIA8RVE8Y - Fixes Server crash in Domidx while removing databases from the Domain Index
    • SPR# ANIA8JG9BN - Defensive fix to avoid an issue where the Event Task Crashes With "Panic: Osvblockaddr: Bad Vblock Handle." We now check to ensure that the VBlock handle is NOT NULL before using it.
    • SPR# MBOD8GZQBH - Fixed an issue where the mail file path (replica reference) of a replica copied using dbmove is incorrect on the target server.

    • +SPR# TSAO8MAEHH - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the inbox, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR IISA8WQABL. This is a regression in 8.5.2.
    • +SPR# IISA8WQABL - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the preview pain, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR TSAO8MAEHH. This is a regression in 8.5.2.

    Cloud computing : le Cigref publie un rapport sur les fondamentaux

    Arnaud BOUTIN  16 Avril 2013 09:32:28
    Le Cigref publie ce 26 mars un nouveau rapport intitulé : «  Fondamentaux du Cloud Computing, le point de vue des grandes entreprises  ». Ce document de synthèse dépassant les 35 pages, répond à  une série de questions-clés : comment qualifier un cloud ? Comment ordonner les différents types de cloud ?

    Le rapport passe en revue les principaux modèles de services - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - et retient quatre typologies du cloud :

    - cloud géré en interne et à  usage privé,
    - cloud géré en externe et à  usage privé,
    - cloud géré en interne et à  usage ouvert,
    - cloud géré en externe et à  usage ouvert.

    Image:Cloud computing : le Cigref publie un rapport sur les fondamentaux

    Source :

    New Connections Mobile version 4.0.3 for Android and iOS

    Patrice VIALOR  19 Février 2013 22:57:03
    IBM updated his Connections Mobile application on both iTunes and Google Play.

    What's new on iOs ?
    - Support for iPad Mini and iOS 6.1
    - Updates I'm Following is now the default view for Connections 4.0 servers
    - The last selected view for a service will be remembered
    - Panels are easier to dismiss on the iPad
    - You can now tap on links in Forum topics and replies
    - You can now tap on links in a Community description
    - Bug fixes for issues reported by users to
    - APAR fixes for issues reported by PMR
    - Significant performance improvements
    Note to our users: The next major update of the app will require iOS 5.1.1 and above.

    Click on this link to access IBM Connections Mobile on iTunes

    What's new on Android ?
    - Bug fixes for issues reported by users to
    - APAR fixes for issues reported by PMR
    - The I'm Following view of Updates services is now the default for Connections 4.x servers
    - The last selected view for a service will be remembered
    - The About of Communities will display the full description
    - Note to our users: The next major update of the app will require Android 2.3.4 and above.

    Click on this link to access IBM Connecions Mobile on GooglePlay.

    URL de téléchargement de la version BETA officielle IBM Notes / Domino / Traveler 9

    Arnaud BOUTIN  21 Décembre 2012 10:11:32
    Pour les grands impatients que nous sommes tous.

    1-Se rendre sur Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Public Beta download site

    2- Indiquer son identifiant et son mot de passe Web IBM (s'enregistrer sinon)
    3- Sélectionner les fichiers que vous souhaitez télécharger

    NB : Une liste exhaustive des fichiers est disponible à l'adresse suivante :